Decisions, Decisions

As much as I am at that stage of life where I attend, on average, 3 weddings each wedding season (although this year I'm blowing it out of the water with 6!), I also appear to be moving into the time when friends also start procreating. So with two friends' babies arriving in late fall and early winter respectively, I am going to break with my usual summer knitting hiatus and get to work on more baby presents.

The question is, what should I make? Because knitting is pretty much a no-brainer for me, I am leaning towards this cute thing for the January baby: Debbie Bliss' Hooded Baby Cocoon/Carrier

Then I came across this on Purl Bee and despite my novice sewing skills, really want to buy some of that organic cotton terrycloth and give it a go: The Cozy Hooded Baby Towel
Sewing would, ultimately go faster if I don't mess up too terribly. Then there are always these, which are so darn cute (as is the curly-haired little guy modeling them)

Maybe I'll just make all three and have something as a back-up. Oh! then there's the whole hand-knit alpaca animal option:

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