Daily Photo Delinquency

1. July 7th, 2. July 8th, 3. July 12th, 4. July 9th, 5. July 11th, 6. July 10th

I have not kept up with the posting of daily photos this past week, I know. But Steven is a popular guy when he leaves town and we were out practically every night last week and then every friend I ever had in college descended on Cville this weekend for a friend's wedding, and, well, you get the picture. My time has not been my own!

But for at least the next five nights I am my own woman with only a golden retriever named Isabel to answer to (I know, there's something a little off there) and I vow to come up with better things to post about than why I haven't been at the computer much lately.

I'm trying not to think about the fact that it was 42F with no humidity in Jackson Hole this morning and have almost convinced myself that going into the office this afternoon won't be so bad because it's fully air conditioned. Muggy muggy summer weather is upon us and I'm thinking of talking to my landlords about putting in a pool for the other tenants and me. I don't think I'd even object to the rent hike at this point.

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