Yep, That Too

July 2nd

Phew, I feel like we covered all the bases the in world of i [heart] mountains fun weekend activities over the past three days. Climbing? Check.
July 3rd

4th of July pot-lucking and carousing with friends? Check.
July 4th

Sleeping in, winery touring, farm share-themed dinner cooking and movie watching? Check.
July 5th

Oh, then then to top it off, we were rained out of a full day of climbing at Nelson Rocks, so our friend the astronomer gave us the VIP tour of this:
That's the Green Bank Telescope, which is part of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory and a wild sight in the middle of almost nowhere West Virginia. Anyone living within a certain radius just doesn't get cellphone service. Or satellite TV. Or wireless internet. Cause the feds said so. I kid you not! It was pretty cool, if not completely unique as trips to West Virginia go.

Pedestrian infrastructure planning seems rather small in the face of searching for pulsars, but hey, puslars are dead right? Heh, heh. Cracking stupid astronomy jokes probably means it's time to call in a night. Ciao friends.

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