Winding Down the Winter Share

March 11th

I hardly ventured outside yesterday (busy busy), so this view pretty much dominated my day. At least I can enjoy my letterpress desk calendar and felt moose (hanging from cork board). Thank goodness for local shops that can help spruce up the office landscape--notably Rock Paper Scissors and Oh Suzannah.

March 12th

Today marked the last pick-up of our winter grocery share from Horse and Buggy Produce. Since early December, we've gotten an every-other week share of items like apples, honey, eggs, fresh bread, bibb lettuce, sprouts and potatoes, with a few squashes mixed in. I love planning my meals around what we receive in the grocery share. Even though it's not completely true to Alice Waters' model where she pours over farmers market stalls and picks out the freshest, most vibrant foods, it still feels like an improvement over "What do I want to eat for supper tonight?" and then ending up with some extensive grocery list. Drawing on Waters' book, which I blogged about earlier this week, we've been eating fairly simple, but very fresh food this winter. And neither of us caught a cold or the dreaded flu yet (knock on wood).

Off to chillier climes this weekend--Sedalia, Colorado to be exact. I'll return soon with tales of new adventures. Thanks for the book recommendations, friends! I'll be well-equipped for the flight.

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