Bon Weekend: Fancy Grilled Cheese Sandwhiches

I arrived late at the grilled cheese party of life, always finding the childhood version with rubbery American cheese to be pretty gross. Once I discovered the way the Brits make it, I was hooked.  Their secret? Strong mustard and sharp cheddar.  And quality bread, of course. 

Grilled cheese is quite the staple in our house and sometimes we like to kick it up a notch! We are wild and crazy, let me tell you.  If some fancy pesto on grilled cheese rates as a special night at your house, or you just like grilled cheese, let me suggest two possibilities:

1. Food 52 Grilled cheese with sage pistachio pesto Does this need explication? Go find your food processor.

 2. Garlic-rubbed grilled cheese with tomato and bacon: I saw this on Pinterest and only later discovered that it doesn't link to a recipe. It probably doesn't need one. Just rub a halved garlic clove on the warmed bread while it's in the skillet.  Use real bacon, not the microwaveable stuff. Wait until tomatoes are in season.  Simple food can be great food with quality ingredients.

What are your favorite grilled cheese recipes? Has anyone tried something savory-sweet like this?

Endless possibilities.  Bon weekend!

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