Let's Talk About Eyebrows

Brows matter. 

You've probably read it in a beauty magazine it or heard it from the lady who waxes your brows: A symmetrical, well groomed pair of eyebrows is more important to looking pulled together than your hair 'do or eye makeup.  When I visit my childhood home and see the my high school senior portrait, I know that this is true. Unless your brows are blond or non-existent, you probably need to groom them. If you over-tweezed in your youth, have a scar or find them thinning with age, you probably need to fill them in a bit too!

Whether you like 'em straight or arched, symmetry is key. Here's what I mean:
via Dollface by Jules

  •  Using your nose and the inner corner of your eye tells you exactly where your eyebrow should begin. 
  •  Using your nose and the outer part of your iris tells you where the arch of your eyebrow should be placed.
  • Using your nose and the outer corner of your eye pinpoints where your eyebrow should end.

I made the mistake of letting someone who wasn't really a waxing pro "clean up" my brows a few months ago and she left me with one eyebrow shorter than the other, which leads me to pearl of eyebrow wisdom #1: Find a reputable salon and/or get a recommendation! Just because the person who cuts your hair can wax doesn't mean she should.

#2: Get a good brow tool. I am loving my Trish McEvoy brow pencil/brush:

Some ladies with great eyebrows:

Have you seen this hilarious episode of HBO's "Girls?"

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