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I have been meaning to rave about this food blog (and add it to my blog roll) for awhile now--it is just so fun.  Spoon Fork Bacon, ladies and gents.  You had me at bacon.  Beautiful staging and photography and fun, inventive recipes.  What's not to love? I appreciate their playful approach to good food--something that the MM and I need to remember these days as we seem to only cook what's quick and easy at the end of another busy day of work and baby care.

Case in point: You know how much the MM loves lasagna (here, and here and here), so you'd think he would be excited when I announced that I'm planning a Valentines Day dinner for him of made-from-scratch lasagna and a chocolate peppermint cake. He was completely on board until I pointed out that in exchange I'd basically need two free afternoons to put it all together.  Then he said, "Well, maybe we should just find a sitter and go out." So much for the fun, inventive or involved. Anyhoodle, Spoon Fork Bacon inspiration:

Whoa! I don't arrange and photograph my food prep anymore. I'm busy playing with this sweet chunk (who's really not so much chunky as loooong these days):

Ford-man. 26 weeks old.

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Tucker Mahoney said...

The MM story made me laugh out loud. Very similar debates going on here. Love your munchkin - what a cutie!

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