A Break From Our Regular Programming

It was starting to feel like the unpacked boxes and unhung pictures around the new house were starting to own us last night, so after the MM's birthday supper (lasagna, naturally), we went for a walk along the Milwaukee Trail.  Without getting too urban planning nerdy on you, I love how walkable our neighborhood is. 3 blocks to a neighborhood grocery store, 4 blocks to the trail system access, and a school with a big yard for the dogs to play in just around the corner.  Even though Missoula isn't a huge place, I feel pretty urban when I hop off the bus at the Food Farm, pick up groceries for supper and then walk the few blocks home.  Haven't driven my car in 3 days and I love that : )

Anyway, it was good to get out of the house:

Stinkin' cute


And we'll be getting out of town tomorrow morning for a whole week. Heading to San Francisco, points north and then Sonoma for our rather belated honeymoon. Blog updates will be on vacation too!  'Til then-


Emily said...

Happy Honeymoon!!

Carey said...

can't wait to see honeymoon pics. Have a wonderful, beautiful time!

annabelle said...

Thank you! It snowed overnight in Missoula, so keep your fingers crossed for warmer temps in CA : )

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