Pinterest, Pimentos and Pinhole Press

That's my lame attempt to bring some kind of order and relevance to three things from the weekend that are not at all related.

First, I realized that I didn't have to wait six months for Pinterest to get back to me with an invite (talk about insanely smart marketing--making me want something I don't even need just by making me wait for it) because the MM could invite me himself.  He's apparently using it for man fashion tips.  Hey, never stop growing, right?

Then five pages of the February issue of Southern Living dedicated entirely to pimento cheese got me hankering for the stuff, so I made some. This recipe from The Glass Onion via Garden and Gun is still my favorite. Grilled pimento cheese and bacon sandwiches? Yes, we went there.

Finally, an album of Ford photos that I did up over at Pinhole Press arrived in the mail today. It's beautiful!

Here's the Ford-man yesterday. 27 weeks.

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