More on Thanskgiving

Phew, I have done very little this week other than work and attempt to sleep off a nasty cold.  Naturally my need for at least 4-5 uninterrupted hours of sleep has coincided with Ford being rather wakeful the last few nights.  So I full-on have a cold. The MM claims that if I already can't taste/smell my food then the worst has passed and I'll be better tomorrow.  Is this true?? I would love to think so.

While we were in NC, we spent an hour with Jill Schwartzkopf, who photographed our wedding two and a half years ago.  She posted a little preview of some of the photos on Facebook and I just to share.  She captured Ford as his smiley, expressive best!

We also toted Ford along on several walks--up mountains, to waterfalls, and drove him around on endless nap-inducing car rides.  I think we undid all our walking/biking/transit-riding goodness in Missoula in 5 days just trying to get him to nap.  We need to work on him taking motionless naps, I know! Anyway, he's such a champ at sleeping in the Ergo that he missed almost all the sights.


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