Baking for Boredom

8 days past due.  Still no baby. Here's what I've been doing in between wrapping up work stuff, wandering aimlessly around the yard watching the plants grow and tearing through new reading material: baking.  In the face of something that's completely beyond my control--i.e. going into labor, I find it comforting and distracting for at least a few hours through force of will and skill to coax flour, butter, water, fruit and sugar into dessert.

Mixed berry and custard tart and a lattice cherry pie

My pastry skills are improving with all this practice.  We then invite people over and make them eat dessert with us.  Which is another nice way to relieve the boredom.  At this point, though, the end is in sight, on way or another.  I'll be induced on Monday morning, so we will finally meet the Munchkin in a few days.  We'll probably tease him for his entire adult life about being such a mama's boy that he didn't ever want to leave the womb!

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