Apropos of Nothing [Happening]

Still no baby.  5 days overdone at this point, not that I'm counting. every. hour.  Anyway, in no apparent order, I was flipping through The New Southern Garden Cookbook [again], and found a recipe for tomato biscuits with basil butter.  Does a warm little buttermilk biscuit with a slice of ripe tomato and a little bit of basil-infused butter not sound like absolute heaven? It does to me, except that apparently you should not attempt to make biscuits without proper Southern self-rising flour like White Lily, which is grown from a special kind of wheat and harvested at the right time or year.  Something like that.  It also has leaveners mixed in. I think this is the key piece for nice fluffy biscuits.

It's also only sold here:

I think it's nice that they included those Yankee states in the Midwest in their distribution area, but this still leaves me in the land of the flourless.  Luckily, Smuckers has picked up the White Lily brand and I can order a box of flours and cornbread mix (yum) in the mail.  And I probably will. 

And while eating biscuits will not help me ultimately fit into clothes like these again, let me just say that I would like to order the entire EmersonMade line.  Makes me think of Madewell, but instead of verging on being so trendy it's just ugly [ahem, Alex Chung], these pieces are retro in a pretty way.

Back to the OB tomorrow morning first thing to see how the Munchkin and I are tolerating being past due.  Regardless, I think Friday will be the "stick a fork [or a pitocin IV] in me, I'm done" day unless he arrives on his own before that.

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margaret said...

Hang in there! Soon your life will be forever changed so be sure to enjoy these last few days just the two of you!

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