Baby Ford Has Arrived!


He's here! John Harford Cundy, "Ford," was born in the wee hours of Sunday morning after quite a long labor. I'll spare you the details because the real story is that he is healthy and happy, weighing 7 pounds and 8 ounces and 20.5 inches long--a slim, leggy guy like his father. 


He is absolutely perfect and we love him to pieces. Obviously! We named him John in honor of his paternal grandfather (one of my grandfathers was John too) and Harford is a family name from my mother's side--we thought Ford was a great shortening of that.


We came home on Tuesday and have been napping, nursing and just looking at him ever since. Nighttime sleep has been interesting, although we've discovered that swaddling is like a magic trick with a fussy baby and the MM is the master swaddler around here.  As my mother has joked, the Mountain Man is a natural at mothering this child save the whole nursing bit.  And that's what we call a great father :)


We"ll try to keep the updates coming, but I'm still mastering one-handed typing and baby cradling!


margaret said...

He is beautiful & I love the name! Congrats again!

Emily Large said...

Congratulations!!! Little Ford is perfect. I hope you an soak in this very special time!

Suz said...


Farrell and Lauren said...

He is so cute in his car seat. "What is up with all of this light?!?!"

Southern Exposure said...

Congratulations! I love his name. We have a newborn too - so much fun :)


annabelle said...

Thank you, Rachel and congratulations on sweet Hayes' arrival too! Exciting times!

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