Bon Weekend: Still Waiting

No Mountain Munchkin yet.  Spicy food, acupuncture, evening walks--it's all part of the daily routine at this point, but this little guy appears to be quite comfortable for the time being.  I think the OB is going to cut me off on Friday and push for a Pitocin induction, something I would really like to avoid.  So keep your fingers crossed for him to arrive before then!

Normally I'd revel in all this around-the-house down time because I could cook and take advantage of all the amazing summer produce finally rolling into Missoula. Unfortunately, I did that two weekends ago and ended up with such horribly swollen ankles and feet (it was quite warm for MT too) that I realized even that "low key" activity had to be curtailed. Spending plenty of time off my feet since then has made my ankles reappear and my feet not look like Jimmy Dean  breakfast sausages, but now I am seriously bored.  I know this is funny given that in about a week I will think wistfully of the days of being bored and know that I'll probably never feel that way again, ever.  Anyway.

Allegra Goodman's novel, The Cookbook Collector kept me entertained for a few days, but now I've finished that.  Clearly another trip to the library is in order today.
Last night we went to see Horrible Bosses--totally hysterical and nice to throw in something decidedly adult and non-baby in the midst of this waiting game.  Hopefully the next time I post, it'll be with some happy news.  But probably just another ankle-swelling salad or pie recipe!

We've been cooking (meaning I meal planning and the MM cooking, bless him) almost exclusively from The New Southern Garden Cookbook, which I blogged about a few weeks back.  I want to give it to every cook I know! It's approachable, entertaining and full of some lovely color plates to inspire.  'Til then,  Bon Weekend!


kell said...

Just because your OB schedules you for an induction, you don't actually have to show up. Your baby will come when he's ready and pushing him, and your body, before it's time, isn't beneficial or either of you. Stand your ground, Mama!

Madeleine M said...

I'm so excited for you!!! Wish you the best!

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