Maternity Finds

I have been very fortunate to be pregnant in the midst of a baby boom in Missoula (and Virginia).  Friends have loaned or passed on maternity clothes, baby boy clothes and gear (like a Peg Perego infant carseat/carrier and the motor for a Medela pump--score!).  So thus far we've had to buy very little, and that is just lovely.

I still had to hit Target yesterday for some household items and ended up in the maternity section.  Of course.  There is really nothing fun about trying on clothes at Target, but the cold fluorescent lights and completely unforgiving three-way mirrors are especially rough at 7 months pregnant.  I probably should have just turned my back as I tried things on, but in the end it was worth it.  Here's what I found from the Liz Lange for Target line:

 Cute, which is good.  Inexpensive--even better!

And to satisfy you bump-patrollers, here's one from yesterday on our hike.
Last time I'll try to wear my non-pregnant wool layers--they really don't fit these days!


Alex and Emily said...

You are such a pretty pregnant woman!

Kathleen Boudreaux said...

Ahhh!! Love the bump picture!! You are so cute. Can't wait to see ya'll soon and let our new littles meet!

Farrell and Lauren said...

You look so happy!

Kelly H, said...

Ann, I love your baby bump! So glad to see you guys are still out and about enjoying Montana. You look wonderful!

annabelle said...

What kind words! Thank you, friends.

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