Bon Weekend: New [To Me] In Blog Land

I hope you're all enjoying the start of the weekend! If the weather outside is frightful, may I recommend that you spend some time perusing a new online mag, Matchbook.  It is fun.

And then, especially if you're a Charlottesvillian or just love the place, or even if you don't live there or know it from Charlotte, NC, Charleston, SC or Charleston, WV, check out my new favorite blog, The Charlotte. And then go look at a map and brush up on your geography of the South.

Remember when I was getting Nancy Langhorne and Lancaster mixed up last week and mentioned Irene Langhorne Gibson? She's on The Charlotte's header.  Clearly these ladies know what's up! And they post a mix of the week, which I appreciate in my musically pigeon-holed state.  They post recipes, info on Charlottesville happenings, fashion, interior design.  It's lovely. 

I hope to have some sewing projects to show for myself by the end of this weekend, but I also might end up at the office for a long stretch of time.   Hopefully I will at least find a winter wreath to hang so our very tired holiday wreath can come down.  It's long past due. 

Bon Weekend!

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