Gettin' My Craftiness On

Did you wake up on Monday morning wondering if I finished those swaddling blankets? Of course you did!  Well, I did.  I finished 'em.  Looky here!


I had to remind myself how to wind a bobbin, but otherwise all the sewing machine stuff came right back and I enjoyed my crafty time while the MM was off climbing in Joshua Tree.  I used cotton flannel for the undersides and really like how the red zig zag came out for the overstitching around the edges.  I love those owlies too.  
Speaking of birds, if you haven't heard of or seen Portlandia yet, check this out.  Full confession: I have a little bird decal on the wall just above my desk in my office.  Guilty as charged.

1 comment:

Alex and Emily said...

Those are so cute! I was going to say the owls are my favorite but I can't because at second look, I really can't decide. They are all so cute!

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