Wonders Never Cease

We're about 99% sure that we will be joining one of the Mountain Man's longtime clients in Argentinian Patagonia for a week in early January.  Whoah. This was rather unexpected and we are excited.  You know, just a little.  Because we're going to Patagonia! Last week if you'd asked me what I would be doing in January 2011, I would not have told you trekking to the base of Mount Fitzroy.

It's all hingeing on some craziness surrounding finding a chartered flight from Buenos Aires to El Calafate as no commercial flights are available.  So keep your fingers crossed and try not to be too jealous. 

Meanwhile I've been working on my niece's knitted Christmas present, which was well timed when my old ski injury flared up and I spent most of Saturday prone and lying on an ice pack (old age, you know).  I am mentally already in Tucson, where we're spending the holiday weekend with the MM's family.  Hello sunshine!!

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