Christmas Fun for Small Ones

Our niece is just over one year old and she won't really remember this Christmas, but shopping and making presents for little ones is definitely more fun than for their grown up counterparts.   I'm not complaining about the gift certificate to my local friend's massage therapy practice that I received in our family gift exchange and I'm sure my aunt feels the same way about the gift cert I sent her, but here's what's really fun:

1.  Giving 14 month-old Seddona the Huggable House that I'm making.  Pattern from More Last Minute Knitted Gifts.  I'm taking a break from tying lots and lots of French knots for the "flower beds" on the side of the house to write up this post. It's smaller than it appears in this photo, I think.  Only about 9" tall at the peak, but definitely something she can get her little arms around. 

2.  An alligator pull toy that clacks together when it walks.  They promised it wouldn't drive her parents nuts and apparently it helps her learn to coordinate her walking and doing other stuff.  Which is cool.  I just think it's cute and am glad it's not made of plastic.  Or maybe I'm just trying to subtly indoctrinate Seddona to the merits of preppy things like alligators and the colors green and yellow.  Bwah ha ha ha!
Anyway.  Back to tying French knot flowers and counting down the days 'til I board a place for Tucson. 

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