That Blue Ridge Home Where I'm Bound

October 17
I'm pretending that I'll be spending the entire coming week within view of the Blue Ridge Mountains, but if I'm being perfectly honest, this trip home is happening because of a work conference in Williamsburg.  So it'll be Tidewater, not Piedmont if we harken back to my third grade Virginia history and geography studies.  And what a great conference it will be!
Once that's all wrapped up, the MM flies in and we're celebrating my birthday with my family, always in tandem with my grandmother and namesake, who turned 30 (+ 55) on Sunday.  And attend a wedding and kiss some babies in Charlottesville, see friends in's going to be busy. 

 June 21st

I haven't uploaded photos from our little trip to the Paradise Valley, but it was lovely.  In case you've been wondering what the Mountain Man picked out for my birthday present, it's that lovely cashmere loop scarf by Stewart + Brown.  Pale gray.  I love it and have basically only taken it off to eat since Saturday morning.  Cashmere scarves don't make good bibs, you know. 

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