Sights and Tastes of Home

Busy was certainly the right word to describe this past week in Virginia.  Between Williamsburg, Richmond and Charlottesville, we've covered some ground, visited with family and friends, and made a point of enjoying some of the culinary delights of the South that you just can't find anywhere else.

Crab cakes, pulled pork barbeque with Carolina vinegar sauce, spoon bread, mint juleps (it's been unseasonably hot all week), Virginia wine and microbrews.  If it would fit in my suitcase tomorrow, I would bring home Bon Apetit, Y'all.  This cook book looks fun.  If you associate reading cookbooks with fun.  I do.
[Notice that spoon bread/corn pudding on the cover]
My young entrepreneur cousin (she's 9!) has also jumped on the local food bandwagon with her own flock of laying hens.  She has a loyal clientele who buy eggs and Cate's Coop Poop (chicken manure) from her.  The chickens also recently debuted their own line of note cards on Etsy:

They'll probably have a movie deal by the time we're back for another visit.  Home to the land of layered clothing and Fall actually arriving in September tomorrow!

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