Bon Weekend: The Big 3-0

Well I am turning 30 tomorrow.  Gone are the days of eagerly anticipating my birthday or just not giving it much thought.  From here out, it'll be more like "Another one? Seriously?"

As consolation, we have a fun weekend in store. It begins with dinner with a crew of people tonight at The Silk Road and continues tomorrow with a weekend in the Paradise Valley at Yellowstone Valley Lodge [Fingers crossed for better weather on the east side of the Continental Divide.  It's been positively Seattle-esque here this week]. We'll climb or hike, soak at Chico Hot Springs and enjoy some end of summer local meals at the Lodge.  I [heart] the Paradise Valley. 
Among the not so subtle hints I dropped about things I'd like for my birthday were mentions of these:
A Deruta utensil holder for the kitchen counter

A Trek Belleville

Or this Stewart + Brown cashmere loop scaf

I have inadvertantly discovered what MM has in store, but we're going to pretend like I don't know and keep you all in the dark instead.  Bon Weekend!


Alex and Emily said...

Happy Early Birthday! Looks like you have a great weekend in store!

Lizzie O. said...

Happy 3-0! Can't believe we are so old! Never imagined it would actually happen!

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