Patience Is A Virtue I Am Lacking

I really hoped that I'd have photos of the 3 test swatches of paint in the living room to share with you today, but apparently we must give the walls a coat of primer before we paint.  Otherwise all that new plaster will just drink up the paint and dull the true color.  SO, tonight we prime and maybe by Saturday are testing the 3 shades of gray that I picked out. The front bedroom is finished, except for painting the trim, but I'm going to hold off on the "after" photo until the floors are finished.  They might even look this beautiful:

And not really related to anything else, I love this too. That shiny gold ceiling is a little wild, but it works with the somber walls and curtains. And all that jade!

I would still like one of these in the living room (the pendant light):
And I bought this Liberty sundress at Target this week.  Must exercise patience since it won't be warm enough to wear it until July.

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Farrell and Lauren said...

Wow- sounds like you are making some amazing progress!

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