Striking Fear Into the Hearts of New Homeowners Everywhere

And lo, the true state of the walls revealed itself to Annabelle and the Mountain Man and they were sore afraid.  Luckily, an angel in the form of "the plaster guy" appeared in dreadlocks and wire rimmed glasses and fixed everything.  
 We should be paint ready by tomorrow night.  As I just noted on Facebook, the color I'm painting the guest bedroom is Jamestown Blue.  And I seem to like Richmond Gray for the living room.  How's that for some crazy regional affinities?    
I think the Richmond Gray actually has more green in it than this swatch shows...but it's supposed to be warmer than the gray in our bedroom.
In other updates, I took off the storm door and scraped the reflective covering off the glass in the front door yesterday.  No one will experience themselves in the mirror again like this:
And the MM mounted a new front porch light fixture (that I found at Home Resource for $4), so no bare bulb any longer either!
It's starting to feel like I place I wouldn't mind laying my head!


Anonymous said...

First, your title is freaking hilarious. Second, I'm loving these updates. You are so brave! That reflective covering is the craziest thing I've ever seen. Vanity? Privacy? We'll never know...

annabelle said...

I def. spent a couple of days thinking we'd gotten ourselves WAY in over our heads! There are many, many things about the house that make you scratch your head and wonder what possessed someone to ruin a perfectly lovely house with that: wallpaper, hardware, carpet, stonework. Good times!

Suz said...

Ooh! I'm so excited to see how this turns out. I cringed at those before pictures and felt for you. But so exciting to turn it into something new, right?

SummerEllen said...

I [heart] that front door!

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