i [heart] last minute knitted gifts

This is easily the best crafting book I've ever purchased.  Purl Soho owner and author of this book, Joelle Hoverson, is seriously talented.  Doesn't hurt that the photographer for the book, Anna Williams, is a St. Catherine's alum either.  So I looove this book.  From its patterns I have knit many things:
Alpaca Baby Bunny for now 18-month old cousin Callyn

Angora Baby Booties

Airy Lace Scarf (photo from the book)

Felted Yoga Mat Bag!
Felted Yoga Mat Bag

And several more-- leg warmers, a baby blanket, hats--for which I can't find photos in my archives.  Most recently, I knitted the "Men's Rustic Scarf" for the Mountain Man.  I've been trying to make this scarf for him for years, but not until we moved to Montana and experienced temps below zero + a windchill did he decide he needed and extra layer of wooly warmth.  (I feel for my family and friends on the East Coast suffering through temps in the teens and twenties, I really do)
The MM has such a lovely smile. Chopper is working on Blue Steel. 

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