Yes We Did

IMG_0456 copy
Outfit Chopper in a quilted dog coat from Barbour.  His "grandparents"gave it to him for Christmas.

Chopper wore his jacket around the school yard a few times before we took both dogs out for a cross-country ski yesterday at Lubrecht, a cool U of M forest preserve outside Missoula.  Within 100 yards of the truck, he ran off into the woods, was gone for a few minutes and came back with the thing twisted up and hanging from his chest, no buckle strap in sight. This is also the dog who's charged into the woods and returned without a collar, so I don't know why I was surprised or annoyed.  Guess who's going to JoAnn Fabric or Michaels or wherever to find a strip of nylon and grommets to fix it?

(side note: I fell hard for the MM the first time I saw him in these Mammut ski pants...that's why he's the Mountain Man)

Isabel needs no quilted jacket, but since she was so wrapped up in chewing ice balls from between her paw pads, maybe she needs these:

Chops, at least, slept soundly, knowing he'd foiled our attempts to civilize him for the time being.

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Virginia said...

I almost bought Tess-dog a blaze orange one for Michigan, but chickened out at the last minute. Not sure orange is her color!

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