And They'll Feast, Feast, Feast, Feast!

September 19th

Which is what we did last night, in addition to polishing off several bottles of wine, prosecco....and then the Mountain Man decided to pass around the jar of Virginia holler moonshine. I made the men promise not to fight each other or the 5 dogs that we had swirling around us all evening.

The thing about casseroles is that they taste and smell far better than they present in photos, so you'll just have to imagine the smell of the chicken, green chilis, torillas and cheese wafting toward you. Or make it yourself.

Ain't this pretty too?
Rosemary Apple Pie

If only I'd also captured the Mexican chocolate creme brulee that we also had for dessert. And the salad, the cornbread, the fried green tomatoes. It was a deeply satisfying experience for our little band of gourmands.

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