i [heart] italian pottery

Although it's not particularly yogic to covet worldly things, I am admittedly excited about setting up our wedding registry for a few little things that I've had my eye on for....years.

When we stop going rock climbing and blogging (ahem), the MM and I are headed to one of our favorite shops in Charlottesville, Verity Blue, to pick out our everyday tableware and a few other special things. First off, Vietri for dinner and salad plates and bowls,
to complement this beautiful, rustic Deruta pattern called Arabesco Antico:
This mildly upsets my mother in the same way that refusing to be a debutante did--i.e. I'm not picking out a really formal china pattern with plates that cost $130 apiece and are set out on display at the place for such things in Richmond.

The way I see it (and my mother really is ok with this, I'm mostly teasing), formal china in Montana makes about at much sense as taking your down jacket on vacation to the Turks and Caicos. None whatsoever, if you're scratching your head about that one.

Then there's this dilemma (sort of delicious one, isn't it?):


Lizzie Harris said...

make sure your everday china fits in your cabinets! I picked out the most beautiful pattern and cannot part with it, but alas, the dinner plates are too big for my upper cabinets! And I'm having to store the plates down below with the pots and pans!

Farrell and Lauren said...

One of my best friends in Cville registered at Verity Blue and she is so happy with everything two years later.

annabelle said...

I just made it over to Verity Blue to register today and I am some kind of excited! "Dear Family and Friends--all I really want for a wedding present is Italian pottery. You don't need to get Steve any of the power tools he wants to add to the registry."

Just kidding. Sort of.

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