Full-On Summer

June 30th

I took a look back through some daily photo posts from May today and was amazed by how soft and budding everything looked. By contrast, summer is now in full swing, but we haven't started to see that late July/August fade yet. Just that deep, peak growing season green where everything living seems to be in high gear.

July 1st

We're launching into Fourth of July weekend high gear ourselves tomorrow afternoon, so I'll likely be back by Sunday or so with some climbing adventures and other shenanigans.

As an aside, as my sweet dog ages, she has become less submissive and more alpha....to the point that she's gotten in a few small fights with other dogs over sticks if the other dog doesn't back down. Is this just what dogs do as they age, or do we need to be more firm with her? Dogs will be dogs, but you can't help but wonder if it's partly your fault? Pop canine psychology anyone?

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