What A Difference A Vitamin Makes

I thought my week's worth of lethargy was due to the heat, humidity and rather busy social calendar of late, but then I had my annual check-up last week and the doctor wagged her finger at me for not taking a womens' multi vitamin.

Vitamins! Well smack me on the head, I've forgotten to take my daily multi-vite for about the past 5 months. Oh fountain of youthful vitality, I am so glad we're back together again:

A few recent farm photos:
July 15th

July 15th

July 17th
July 17th: Fuzzy Cat

My mother is completely gutting and renovating her kitchen, so while I was home last weekend, I got a little peek at the crazy old linoleum I tramped all over as a wee one before the hardwood went down c. 1990:
July 16th
July 16th: Peeling Back the Layers

I love the glimpse of the old wood flooring underneath the linoleum. Trends do come full circle.

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