Mixed News Bag

Let's start with the sad news. Estelle Getty, a.k.a. Sophia from The Golden Girls, passed away yesterday:

She was a great comedic talent.

In happier news, the the gray wolf has been temporarily put back on the Endangered Species List and thus cannot be shot. This was the case under the Wyoming, Montana and Idaho state management plans. As of the press release, 110 wolves had already been shot by hunters in helicopters (not very sporting). Let's hope any future action gets held up in court until we have an Obama presidency.

Photo from the New York Times

Finally, I can't decide if I like this piece of news or not: The Lazy Locavore story from the NYT yesterday. Apparently busy people who want to eat local are paying professional vegetable gardeners to plant, weed and harvest backyard vegetable gardens for them. I can't decide if that sounds like a brilliant realization of an untapped market opportunity, or if these locavores are completely missing the point about food as community builder, etc. Whatever their intentions or lack of genuine connections, these folks are eating closer to home (or at home in this case), so I suppose we should applaud their efforts. Just seems like they're missing out on part of the pride in eating their own tomatoes and pesto since they didn't love and nurture the plants.

Daily photos to come later tonight!

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