New House: Guest Room Evolution

This project was slow to evolve from vision to nearly finished, but with our first house guests here this week (the MM's parents), we had to wrap it up! My mama played a big part in creating a gracious (albeit small) space. After spending a few nights in the room after Eleanor arrived, she had a good idea of what we still needed to make it welcoming and comfortable.

This room is definitely an example of repurposing what you already have. The Dellarobia wicker headboard is actually an old footboard from a bedroom set that my great-grandparents bought when they first married. It's followed me to college, Jackson Hole and Charlottesville! The bedside tables are mismatched--the white wicker one was in my bedroom growing up. The other is an old humidor. But they're the same dimensions and the bright, similarly dimensioned lamps pull it together. I found the retro tole one at a consignment shop in Cashiers, NC last summer. My mom thought it was goofy, but I love it in this room. 

The dressing table used to be in my parents' bedroom and came from an estate sale. The gold mirror hung in our living room in Missoula. This space doubles as my desk when we don't have guests.

I have a slowly evolving gallery wall in here, but I'm still searching for a small figure drawing or something abstract. Gold frames pull it all together.  My dear friend Rachel's interpretation of Degas' bather has also followed me back and forth across the country, but its colors remain some of my favorites. Most recently, it was in Ford's room in Missoula:

While I didn't snap any "before" shots of the downstairs bathroom, here it is ready for guests with pops of grass green, coral and a cheerful print I picked up on our babymoon in Savannah last November. I'm still looking for a cute narrow shelf to replace the wire mesh one here, but they are hard to find! 

With luck, I'll have a few more projects to share in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

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