One Month in the Baby Zone

One week old

One month ago today I was whipping up roasted cauliflower and whole wheat spaghetti, never dreaming that our supper would pose concern for local anesthesia three hours later. And here we are with Miss Eleanor one month old a few days before my original due date. 

Our girl is still quite sleepy and only wants to log her shut eye hours on my chest or in my arms. Quite an effective way of enforcing my c-section convalescence and the reason I've read six books since she arrived.

Last weekend, we did a photo session with photographer Meredith Coe to capture Eleanor as a newborn and Ford as her proud big brother. Meredith did an amazing job! 

Whenever Spring decides to arrive in Staunton, I am ready to bust out if this joint and reconnect with the outside world. C'mon, Spring!

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