Amazing New Baby Gear

Figuring out what you need for the first bebe can be a daunting task. It's also depressing for your bank account, even with generous presents from family and friends. When I was pregnant with Ford, I poured over the Baby Bargains book for hours trying to figure our what we needed vs. was a total baby gear industry hoax, and where to find the best bargains. It was a huge relief not to have the same task ahead of me with bebe deux. Although that mental energy was just consumed by Ford instead. Anyway!

The parent authors of Baby Bargains put out a new edition every single year because new items are introduced so quickly. So while Eleanor's gear is much the same as her brother's, in the short 2 and 1/2 years between them, here are four items we've added to our collection that seem like pure genius to this second-time mama.

1. Ergo Baby Swaddler

By far the easiest swaddling blanket we've used, and the leg pouch is totally brilliant. Our babies like being swaddled, but really don't like the process. So the fewer unwrapping and rewrapping sessions, the better.

2. FridaBaby Windi
Yes, this does exactly what you are afraid it does. Our girl suffers from gas of the lower GI-type, so simethicone drops don't help at all. This crazy device literally took a grimacing, screaming child to cooing in seconds.  (I don't think I ever dreamed that I'd be blogging about baby rectal sphincter release when I started this seven years ago)

3. Gerber Soothe Drops

This is a baby probiotic. Thankfully, we're not coping with colic, but it can't hurt. She's been on it nearly a week and does seem to be digesting better than she was.  That or it's a $35 dollar mommy placebo.

4. Puj Tub

Made of soft, foldable foam that won't mildew, it fits in any sink and hangs flat to dry. The Puj isn't new to the market, but new to us and I love it so far. Eleanor has not come around to loving baths yet!

Another week for me and a few more ounces for Eleanor and we'll be able to test-drive the Infant Insert for our all-time favorite item of baby gear, the Ergo Carrier. I wish we'd had one of these when Ford was tiny:

Fordo at that squishy, adorable 9-10 month old phase. I miss it/look forward to it again!

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