While You're On Vacation....

I haven't actually watched This is Forty, but that scene from the trailer when Leslie Mann's character is accusing her husband (Paul Rudd) of hiding out in the bathroom instead of dealing with their kids made me laugh. Hasn't every parent done that or something like it for a few minutes of blissful, silent alone time? But when those noisy little people, shedding dogs and husbands who cannot remember that you're pregnant and significantly wider front-to-back than usual and keep bumping in to you leave, suddenly the silence isn't quite so golden.

Ford and the MM are on their way to Wyoming to see his family, my parents took Isabel the dog with them to North Carolina, and I am back at work storing up vacation days for maternity leave. My mom's attempt at cheering me up was, "But you can put away all the Christmas decorations in peace!"  Awesome. Merry 2nd-8th days of Christmas to me.

I will put away all the decorations and do have some fun events planned for the weekend (spa day and ladies brunch), so let's not get the idea that I'm going to be completely miserable, even if I'm missing the Mountain Man and Munchkin. One project among many is downloading about 3 months worth of photos from my "real" camera and sharing more updates here.

We are trying to check a few more house projects off our list before this little girl arrives, including putting the finishing touches on a basement playroom and wallpapering our teeny, tiny entryway:

The basement is getting a fresh coat of paint next week, and I'm hunting for cheerful cotton dhurrie rugs to brighten up the floor. 

I made peace with the ugly purple carpeting. It's soft, in fine condition, and figuring out the furniture shuffle and selecting new flooring was giving me some serious anxiety.  So the carpet stays and two of these toy storage units from IKEA have been a great investment thus far:

I've also been adding new artwork to the children's bedroom:
Letterpress U.S. map with state flowers via Thimblepress on Etsy

Found on One Kings Lane

1canoe2 letterpress prints just ordered from one of my favorite Missoula shops, noteworthy* paper + press. Luckily these are still things that Ford begs to do, even when it's dark. Or wet:

What you don't see is the complete meltdown he had when we called time after his 10th or so trip through the puddle.

Merry 2nd Day of Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!

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