Building on Toddler Basics

Ford really loves toast and cheese. What started as requests at the supper table for "More cheese!" if we had parmesan out for pasta has turned into a regular question whenever he walks into the kitchen. We keep the bread out of two year-old view because he won't eat anything else if he's reminded of the possibility of toast.  We have a very single-minded child, to say the least.

Last night I decided to make the toddler preferences work for me and sneak in some fish so....tuna melts. I like the challenge of taking something pretty mundane like an open-face tuna melt and making it special. So here's my fancy tuna melt that a two year-old will still eat recipe:

2 cans of wild albacore tuna in olive oil (they have it at Whole Foods. I'll skip albacore next time since it's higher in mercury)
About 1/4 cup of chopped dill, chives and Italian parsely (don't skip the dill!)
About 1/4 cup of Duke's mayonaise
Squeeze of fresh lemon juice
Pinch of salt and plenty of ground black pepper

Sharp, aged white cheddar
Sturdy multi-grain bread.

Mix the first 5 ingredients, spread on bread, top with sliced cheese and broil until the cheese melts. But you knew that.

The MM was less than enthusiastic when he heard what I was making for supper, but once he took a bite, he said "Wow, this is super good!" Ford just said "Ummm. Cheese."

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