Big News: Buying a House!

We decided not to let much grass grow under our rental agreement when a sweet brick house up the street from us came on the market earlier this month. We have really fallen in love with our neighborhood and are thrilled to be staying in this part of Staunton. We're close to Downtown, Gypsy Hill Park and my office. We are under contract and trying to be patient as all the pieces come together before our closing in a little over a month. Fingers crossed that it all goes well.


I think we're going to paint the exterior butter yellow, add some black or Charleston Green shutters (I love me some Charleston green shutters!) and cut down that random sapling in the front yard. And get rid of all the bright white gravel and plant something in that border.

 I do love the whitewashed brick look, though....


The house has 3 bedrooms, two full baths and a perfect little study/office for the MM. The kitchen and bathrooms have been updated, the hardwood floors are in good shape and we couldn't be happier about a house that basically only needs paint and curtains. We are also happy to be bringing Chopper The Dog home. Isabel, in particular, seems to miss him. Oh! And it has a finished basement and a big back yard with shade trees. Hooray for more affordable housing choices in Virginia!

I've been scouring Pinterest for ideas on what to paint the interior.  I think we'll do most of the downstairs rooms in Benjamin Moore's Ivory White:

The guest bedroom in Hale Navy or Washington Blue


I'm leaning towards another pale gray (This one is Benjamin Moore Horizon) for our new bedroom:

(purple, eck)

And maybe Papaya for the kiddo room. Especially if we end up having to blend "boy" and "girl" touches in that room at some future date:

And maybe, maybe for the MM's office, this cosy, manly man green (Benjamin Moore Barrington Green):


It is thrilling to know that even though it will cost us, we are going to hire out the painting. No smudges, late night exhaustion or paint in my hair for weeks at a time. Makes me really feel like a grown up!

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Scott Sauer said...

Excellent. Looks like such a great deal, and aesthetically a fit. Not everyday you come across these kinds of opportunities, given how tricky the housing market is these days. Glad you managed to seize that, like everybody should.

Scott Sauer

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