A Ford Foot Rub

When we were all sick with the respiratory virus/sinus/ear infection from hell in March, I looked around for an alternative to Vicks to rub on Ford's chest and feet to give him a little relief at night. I found this Maty's rub with eucalyptus, lavender and chammomile. It smells herbal and soothing, not too strong like Vicks, which apparently isn't great for small children.

What's funny is that the other night Ford spied the jar in the bin of "Ford stuff" in our bathroom, grabbed it and insisted that we rub it on his feet and chest. He totally remembered the experience from months ago. The MM wasn't sure what to make of all this (since Ford isn't sick now), but one look at the blissed out, silent, unmoving toddler was enough to convince him that a little Ford foot rub is not a bad thing as part of the bedtime routine. I think it's sweet and quite funny that he's already tuned in to the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy and massage!

Bon Weekend to you all. Tomorrow we are going to explore the Piney River Trail in Nelson County by bike. This will inevitably lead to a stop at Blue Mountain Brewery or Devil's Backbone. So.much.good.beer.

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Hilary Schoendorf said...

Aw, what a cutie that Ford is! Love it!

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