Toddler Shoes and Winter Gear

With a walker on our hands, I'm glad that I bought a pair of shoes for Ford earlier this summer. I picked out these cute leather sandals (in navy blue) from Robeez, and he's put them to good use already.


With October one day away and Montana temperatures about to drop off the proverbial cliff (30F for a low and 55F for a high on Wednesday!), it's time to think about a pair or two to get him through the winter.  A friend mentioned Livie and Luca for well-made, stylish shoes, so here's what I'm choosing between:

Which ones? I can only do one pair for now because mountain munchkins also need snow boots and we are going to have to drop come coin on toddler Sorrels:


I've also spent more than my share of time thinking through how to bundle the munchkin for a winter of playing in the snow, not just being carried around in a Bjorn:

(I will always love that Elmer Fudd hat)

We're going full-on Patagucci. I made the decision when I thought we could use the MM's pro-deal for family purchases. Then the Patagoobers reneged on that part of their pro-deal agreement. But I was already in too deep.  Here's the layering plan:
Capilene baselayers. Already have these from a sample sale last winter. 

Fleece vest.  I only just put away his green one from last year. These things are so great.


Fleece Jacket

 And finally, Puffball Jacket. Not sure if he'll actually be able to move his arms, but he'll be warm!

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