John John's on Etsy

I think this has been my longest blog pause ever, including Ford's birth, but between some fun family visits and several very late nights at the office, I am struggling just to answer emails, let alone cook, craft or grow anything worth blogging about! Phew, August was busy.

Until I have a moment to recap all those adventures, here's what my mom just sent me from Etsy:

John Johns from The Classic Baby Shop.  My mom's friend runs this Etsy shop and she hand-smocks these beautiful suits.  She is making a Christmas one for Ford with a smocked panel that my grandmother did for my brother twenty-odd years ago.  Straight out of the same book as my mom's vision of remaking my great aunt's wedding dress for me. 

We may not be sentimental about much, but we'll hang on to antique lace, smocking, Persian rugs and family silver forever.

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