My Kid is Going to Eat Paté

Actually not because paté is expensive and the only kind I've ever liked (foie gras, of course) is inhumane for the goose, so.....where was I? Oh, this:

I have been waiting patiently for the library to receive its copy of French Kids Eat Everything. I know that title sounds a little stuck-up, but I want a child who eats everything--or at least more than mac n' cheese and crustless pb&j.  So these are the French food rules for children in brief and I can't wait to read the rest of the book.  A CUP OF JO gave a quick run-down yesterday and the piece I took most to heart was not to show much emotion around Ford's choices to eat, spit out or throw food on the floor and chuckle while the dogs eat it. Otherwise he learns that I'm emotionally invested in what he eats and he can get a reaction out of me based on that.  So no more big smiles and clapping when he tries something new or cleans his plate.  And once he's staying up later, he will eat at the table with us and we all share the same meal.

I tried this out this morning by offering blueberries that didn't interest Ford last night and just walked away to keep getting ready for the day.  Without someone watching expectantly as he took a bite (and really, would anyone want to eat like that?), he ploughed through the whole bowl! So they must be on to something, the French. 

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Angela said...

Good rules! I know I've told you this, but we have the "one meal" rule at our house and it works. Sometimes we forgo the rule if we want something like spicy mexican food and they can't handle the spice, but other than that, they eat what we eat. The hard part is having dinner ready at 5 when they are hungry and we usually aren't. Using the oven as a warming drawer works sometimes. My kids eat all vegetables (Paula even asks for raddishes and Nathan brussel sprouts) and if its something new, they at least have to try it but we try not to make a big deal out of it.

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