Ford: 10 Months


Ford actually hit the ten-month mark over a week ago, but this week marks more of a milestone.  He took his first big step towards independence and decided that he was just done with nursing.  Pretty much cold turkey. And I thought I was going to have to develop this elaborate, gentle system of weaning him when I was ready and he wasn't!

We start 'em early
Stylin' pants, man.


I am both elated to retire the pump and have my work day uninterrupted, but also sad for our sweet times together when he wakes up and falls asleep.  It's still sweet, but holding him while he has a bottle isn't exactly the same.  I've been wandering around the house all afternoon feeling like something is missing.  Infancy--that's what's missing.  Ford may not be walking yet, but this pretty much feels like the end of true babyhood to me.


Less interested in walking and more into climbing, exploring and chucking things in buckets, bins and flower pots, Ford is pretty fun (and increasingly exhausting) to play with.


In other news, I think I'm going to become a card-carrying Missoulian and sell my car. We just don't need two.  I ride my bike or take the bus to work, Ford's daycare is around the corner and the MM works from home.  So the trusty (and way more fun to drive) VW is going to find a new home soon.  I might miss that a little too, but not the $285 that Missoula County wants in property taxes on that thing.   As soon as the MM gets a bike, we'll tote Ford around in his new (via a yard sale) bike trailer or in one of these:

image from A Cup of Jo

He is going to seriously love it. And I'll get to pick out a cutie bike helmet for him.

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