San Francisco-bound

Hi folks! We celebrated three wonderful (eventful!) years of marriage today and are headed to San Francisco on Friday morning to celebrate that + my first real Mothers' Day. 

 San Francisco hill

We had just a taste of San Francisco two years ago when we passed through on our way to Sonoma for our honeymoon.  The weather this time promises to be uncharacteristically warm and sunny.  Ford is prepared!


We're looking forward to checking out gastropub The Monk's Kettle with our SF/Oakland friends and taking Ford through Chinatown!  Does anyone have other suggestions for fun things to do with a 9 month-old in San Francisco? Most of the ideas I found online are for older kids, but there's always Golden Gate Park, even if it's a trek.  So an early bon weekend to all of you and à bientôt!

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Clare said...

Happy anniversary (and mother's day!). Have so much fun in San Fran, I'm so jealous!

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