On Finding Clothes for Little Boys and Other Random Reflections

I've probably said this before, but it's surely a blessing that clothes for baby boys that aren't fugly are few and far between.  If there were as many cute things for boys to wear as for girls, I would be totally and completely broke.  I've been trying to gather ideas on Pinterest, but most of the pins link back to European online stores with infant pants for 50 euros.  Ahem, HELL NO. 

These are from Zara.  They're probably expensive too.

I spend lots of time reading Joanna Goddard's Motherhood Mondays posts on A Cup of Jo.  She and I agree that it is SO important to take children outside for fresh air each and every day.  The MM and I failed at this in December when the days were so short, but now we're out walking with wee man and dogs each afternoon.  It definitely perks up Ford's appetite and helps him sleep soundly.  I love the Scandinavian concept that she describes: "There's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes."  Of course for me, that's just another excuse to find Ford more Patagonia baby gear.  See where this is going again....

Ford has also grown enough that the Wimmer Ferguson mobile for very young babies is both boring and too low for his safety.  I finally settled on one from Etsy:
Pinwheels! They float, spin, and are bright and colorful. In searching through the 22 pages of crib mobiles that my search turned up, I was happy to see anything that wasn't a cartoon-y owl. Can we all agree that we're just done with owls?

Of to put on the right clothes for the day and head out for a walk when the wee man wakes up.  Bon Weekend!

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Clare said...

LOVE the pinwheel mobile, too cute!

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