Mountain Life--Trail Rings

I took my engagement ring and wedding band in to be worked on and cleaned the other day and they finally talked me into have the two soldered together so that they wouldn't rub against each other and weaken to the point of loosing stones, etc. I was loathe to do this for awhile because I like wearing the band separetely when we are out living our mountain life hiking, skiing, etc. So the local jeweler suggested getting a "trail ring."  "Lots of women in town have them!" they promised. The more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea.  Here's what I picked out:
It's a really thin band of rose gold with a matte finish from Bario-Neal. Low profile and rustic for our outdoor adventures. Totally different from the shiny white gold of the originals, but I think it's nice to have something different too.  Do any of you have a trail ring or a back-up? Have your rings soldered together?

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