Hungry for Color

Y'all, we are at the point in a Montana winter where the landscape just looks flat. Gray snow, brown hillsides, gray sky, muddy yard.  Bleh.  Short of a quick jaunt to the Carribbean (ha! in some parallel universe where I actually have vacation time), I am just craving color somewhere in my life.  Ford's baby blues are pretty wonderful:

Ford, 26 weeks
Ford, 26 weeks
Ford, 26 weeks

  But I also this I'll make this when Ford's Dada Catherine (my mom) visits later this week:
Roasted vegetable and potato "tart" (no crust) with caramelized onions.  Even the prep looks pretty:
I've also taken to keeping my nails filed short, short, short and painting them Essie Clambake red:
So bright and perfectly orange-red and happy.  Almost enough to tide me over until Spring arrives sometime in June.

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