Ford is One Half!

Y'all how did the Mountain Munchkin get to be 6 months old (24 weeks, at least) already? Some may mourn the teeny tiny baby stage, but I have to say, I am loving this giggly, playful interactive baby time.  

In the past few weeks, Ford has cut two teeth, tried some solid food and given the Merry Muscles bouncer a go.  I predict he'll be crawling in another month--he certainly has the will to already!
The way he grabs that spoon and tries to feed himself is too funny.  Clearly he was ready! We've tried rice cereal and banana.  On to green pea puree since I got a tip from another mama that getting them going on green vegetables before sweet potatoes and other fruits is key to them eating their greens in the pickier toddler stage.  Apparently the Mountain Man did not like green vegetables as a child, so we shall see.  Fingers crossed.

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