Thinking and Talking and Dreaming of Sleep

Whoa, where did the last week go? We managed another week with Ford in daycare and me back at work with only a few casualties: putting clothes away, which is impossible when a baby is asleep in your bedroom from 7:00pm onward, and in a related way, Ford's daytime naps.  And blogging with any regularity.

So Ford is not getting his usual 2+-hour morning nap at daycare in the midst of toddler chaos and comes home absolutely strung out after only an hour or so of sleep during 7-8 hours that's he's there.  So we have to put him to bed between 6:30 and 7:00 or he has an absolute meltdown and could wind up developmentally stunted or with ADHD because of persistent sleep shortages. 

Do I sound crazy and paranoid? Well, I probably am, but I read Marc Weissbluth's Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, and have taken to heart the notion that sleep is equally as important as food. His reasoning is that you would never dream of depriving your child of food, so why deprive them of sleep? So I fret about Ford's sleep.  Its quantity, its quality, where it happens.  When I was pregnant, I thought the sleep I'd be obsessing over was my own, or the lack thereof.  Instead, I lie awake worrying about Ford's sleep while he snores away peacefully beside me in the co-sleeper.  At least he IS sleeping long and well at night. 

And rolling over! From his back to his front all week and just tonight from front to back, which really surprised.  I have video footage, but it involves my recorded voice, which only a mother could love, so I'm sorry, but I'm only sharing it with my other.  And mother-in-law, because it's her grandson. Not because I expect her to love my voice.

Anyway, he got some great naps in today on our way to and from the Patagonia outlet in Dillon, Montana.  I don't know why it's way down there since everyone in the store for the big Veteran's Day weekend sale seemed to be from somewhere else and I thought Patagucci was all about sustainability and thus not driving all over creation to buy their stuff, but there we went to find crazy deals on baby gear.  These are photos of the girly stuff for a friend.  Ford got the blue, green and stripey equivalents.  Even an insulated set of snow bibs for next winter.  For $35! 

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