On My Radar and In the Mail

In the mail:  I've been searching for the perfect pair of pink pillows (hello, alliteration, nice to see you too) for the living room for at least a year.  And then they appeared on One Kings Lane the other day.  A Liberty of London print, no less.   Sadly I didn't grab a pic before the sale ended and the bigger image disappeared.  They're solid pink on the back and the pattern looks like this up close:

Purty. I will scotchguard to protect them from this ill-behaved pup who jumps on sofas with muddy paws like it's his job. 

Completely Ridiculous

On my radar is that Ford will start eating food in two months! 

The bumbo chair will do for a bit, but he's going to need a high chair soon.  I really love this one, the Oxo Tot Sprout:

Low profile, fits in with the kitchen table, adjustable, easy to clean, dishwasher-safe tray insert. I could go on.  Why can't I find one on eBay?? I knew I'd picked out the cool kids' high chair when I spotted it in an episode of Up All Night. That show is totally my life, if you switched L.A. and talk show producer for Missoula and transportation planner.  Riiiight.  Anyway, the baby/working mom/silly parent parts.   You know.

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margaret said...

I also covet that highchair. I think the reason that you can't find it on ebay or Craigslist is that it just came out so everyone who has one had to buy it new. . .

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