New Cookbook to Try

There are many things I love about Garden and Gun, and one of the main ones is how Southern food-obsessed they are.  I'm still savoring (heh) their food issue, even though it arrived a month ago. 

I had what you might call a passing fancy for pimento cheese until I made the version that they shared from Sarah O'Kelley of Charleston, SC restaurant the Glass Onion.  After that it was full-blown, head over heels love.  You can find the recipe on the G&G website here. And just today they email to say that chef O'Kelley has put out a Glass Onion cookbook. Based on the cheese alone, I'll be ordering this one.

I'm still figuring out cooking and mothering a baby, but I did come home from Virginia last month with two bags of Byrd Mill stone-ground grits and a sack of biscuit flour. I just feel good knowing that they're in the pantry, you know?

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